Hay Feeders

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Sheep and Goat Hay Feeders

At Slideaway, we understand the difficulties in feeding hay; stock stand on it, they pull it out, soil it or it just gets wet.  Our muzzle-feeding hay feeders, designed to eliminate these and other problems via their muzzle feeding sliding gate design with a full welded frame (meaning fewer tech screws), base skirt plus walls and a large roof.

Slideaway Hay Feeders come pre-assembled so you don't have to waste time putting it together.  They're built to last and save time, energy and hay... which means you save money!

Our hay feeders have been developed with hay saving and strength in mind.  The fact that our feeders provide stock with access to dry hay/straw all the time means the scour a lot less as the roughage helps prevent the green/wet grass going straight through them.  Thus the feeders improve growth and reduce dags - saving time at crutching which improves profitability.

Sheep and Goat Hay Feeder Models

MB – Multibale: Holds two rolls or big squares         BR1 – Big roll: Holds one roll


BS1 – Big square: Holds one big square                   MS2 – Mini Saver: Holds two small squares


SMS2 – Mini Saver Shed: Holds two small squares

Horse Feeders

Our horse hay feeders are very strong, very safe and save huge amounts of hay with base skids, the feeder can be towed easily. 


A sliding rubber gate allows your horse to reach all hay easily and efficiently.  A large galvanised roof keeps feed dry, allowing your horse to also have shelter. 


The feeder is completely rubber sided for safety.  Feed control gates can be added for total control of hay. 


Easily loaded from utility, trailer or tractor, these hay feeders save huge amounts of hay, its easy to keep dry, keep them off it and they’ll eat it.